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Step into a new dimension of photo booth fun with our cutting-edge 360 Booths. At The Social Hub Nola, we pride ourselves on bringing the latest technology and innovation to your events, and our 360 Booths are no exception. Prepare to be amazed as our state-of-the-art setup captures stunning 360-degree images that immerse you and your guests in a whole new visual experience.

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Capture heartfelt memories and personalized messages with our Audio Guestbook service at The Social Hub Nola. Step away from traditional pen and paper and invite your guests to leave their warm wishes and personal stories through recorded audio messages.


Indulge in the magic of the holiday season with our unique Chocolate Santa photography experience. At The Social Hub Nola, we bring a delicious twist to your festive celebrations by offering captivating photos with the beloved Chocolate Santa in the enchanting New Orleans area.


Step into the spotlight and indulge in our Paparazzi Experience, featuring our cutting-edge Robot Arm technology! At The Social Hub Nola, we offer a photo booth encounter like no other, combining the excitement of the paparazzi with the precision and innovation of our Robot Arm.


At The Social Hub Nola, we offer an exciting Open Air Booth experience that adds a touch of fun and versatility to your event. Our Open Air Booth allows you to capture traditional pictures, create lively GIFs, and boomerangs that bring out the vibrant moments of your special occasion.

With our Open Air Booth, we provide a range of interactive features and customization options to make your experience truly memorable. For those looking to take it up a notch, we offer additional add-ons for an extra charge: